Candle Refill Program



In our ongoing efforts to support sustainability and actively reduce waste, Cordova Candle has created a candle refill program.

Do you have a vessel that's special to you? Let us make it into a candle for you! Simply choose any scent from any of our Collections for your refill. You can even pick a new scent each time!

Bring in a heat safe vessel with a non-porous interior (tin/sealed metal, ceramic, terracotta, or concrete, tempered glass), that is suitable for high temperatures and is larger than 2.5cm in diameter. upon drop-off we will evaluate your vessel for approval.

Please ensure the vessel is freshly cleaned - if we are required to clean it there will be a $5 additional cleaning fee. You’ll receive a call or email when your candle is ready for pick up. Payment is required upon pickup.

Prices as follows:

unscented soy candles: $2.00 /oz

premium fragrance oil candles: $3.00 / oz